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Newsy Story

I’ll be writing my story on a video dealing with D.C.’s statehood being voted on in Congress. Although a short video, I believe this is a huge issue that no one really knows about, or is talking about. Washington D.C.’s population of political power and connection is so much higher than the rest of theContinue reading “Newsy Story”

Newsy Summery

I could see how Newsy, for the average consumer, is a super helpful application to your news intake. Personally, I feel like the website can be a bit too much and cluttered at times. I do enjoy the quick video thumbnails being on the homepage. This is clearly the easiest and most popular way peopleContinue reading “Newsy Summery”

Summery on Hyperlocal News

While clicking through the vast amount of hyperlocal papers and journalism outlets offered online, naturally the first thing I notice is how the region in which the political articles or excerpts are being written strongly influence what is being portrayed. For example, while looking at my hometown paper, the Tallahassee Democrat, you notice a veryContinue reading “Summery on Hyperlocal News”

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